Custom Framing
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custom framing examples

The primary purpose of picture framing is to show artwork well. Frames could also be masterpieces, standalone works of art, but it is possible with the combination of beauty and an idea to bring custom framing to a new higher level.  The unity of design elements with a subject could result in creating something special and quite unique.

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naturalization document, wooden frame and gilded bevel mat

PORTRAITS                            YOUR HERITAGE


traditional American picture frame-Edgar Alwin Payne (1 March 1883 – 8 April 1947) AmericanThe Bella Creations contest, Mira of Oliver Brothers Beverly, MA- custom picture framing design

 SEASCAPES                        PHOTOGRAPHY


Antique map of Paris

LANDSCAPES                     MAPS


object custom framing, antique display



Modern Picture Frames, wood frame, museum quality mat boardRe- used (re-clamed)  metal siding custom picture frame

MEMORABILIA                  GREEN!


re framing diploma, custom gilded picture frame with french mat