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A portrait is an artistic representation of a person using any medium, whether it may be sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, or any other form of artistic rendering.  The face is primarily the focal point of the painting, and the most often the artist’s goal is to emphasize the expression, mood, and personality of the subject, as well as adhering to the subject’s likeness.  Historically, portraits have been composed to depict and honor those of wealth, and although today they can be produced by virtually anyone, portraits still have the power to denote a sense of prestige and intimacy with the subject, no matter who it might be.

Oil on canvas, portrait framed with gold leaf frame

Portrait by  G.P.A. Healy, oil on canvas, restored and framed

Classic American gilded scoop frame with corner details and gold leaf liner

The frame of a portrait is very crucial to its complementation: it must extract and enhance the most vivid colors of portrait, as well as mimicking the styles and details within the artwork.  One example of a popular portraiture frame is the American “scoop frame”, better known as a fluted cove frame.  It was a style introduced and popularized by Americans that grew from a period where the need for frames was in high demand due to the rise of museums.  These frames were simple and easy to be mass-produced for not only museum framing but also for the framing of individual portraiture, which was becoming more common for people of all classes, not just the wealthy. With that being said, the fluted cove frame was a perfect compliment for generic portraits: its design was simple and easy to replicate, and the gold gilding was accentuating to nearly all paintings.

American Picture Frame, portrait oil on canvas framed

Portrait, oil on canvas, restored and framed

Carrig-Rohane Frame

Portrait custom frame with Spandrel

Oil painting framed with Spandrel


French mat example, conservation framing with Museum Glass

Portrait, drawing on paper, restored and framed

Gilded period frame, French mat , and protected  Museum Glass


Porttrait, oil on canvas, framed with simple wood frame with gold

Portrait, oil on canvas, restored and framed

Frame- wood and gold



Portrait of Otto Eckstein, Harvard University, old and new frame


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