Custom Framing
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old frames are great!

Your older frame mouldings could be in great shape. Occasionally we only have to replace glass or fabric and paper mats. Over the years, many chemically unstable materials were used in the picture framing industry (card boards, tapes, and adhesives). We could replace your old acidic mats and tapes with new conservation materials to extend the life of the art and bring it up to today’s preservation framing standards.

Hotel Marlow, Cambridge- replacment of fabric mats and glassHotel Marlow  Cambridge, custom framing,fabric mat replacement

Hotel Marlow custom framing, mat replacementHotel Marlow fabric liner replacement, custom framing

giclee prints by Vladimir Kush- Hotel Marlow, Cambridge, MA

Fabric mat replacement and added glazing protection- conservation acrylic

You will find more examples and information about about liners and mats here