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Framing Maps

No one knows for sure when or where the first maps were created or who made them. The earliest examples that have been found are the map-like images Babylonians recorded in clay tablets and Chinese legends allude to maps from around the same period. From the time of these earliest maps, advancements in methods and accuracies of map-making have been made, slowly developing these rudimentary attempts at exchanging information into the art of cartography.


Antique map of Paris custom framed

Antique map of Paris

Gilded period French gold leaf frame;

Antique map was hinged to the hand wrapped silk substrate.

To frame a map, one must take into account the history of each piece. The framer must consider the area the map depicts, the time period the map derives from, and who made the map. At Oliver Brothers we find that framing maps, old and new is always exciting.
framing maps

World War two map

Elegant and simple black hardwood frame

The art of cartography has been around for thousands of years. At Oliver Brothers, we find that framing maps, whether old or new, can be very exciting.  When framing maps, one must take into account its history, condition, and specific geographical information.  First of all, the framer must consider the place or area that the map depicts.  Other important elements include the time period during which the map was created and inquisition into who could have possibly created the map.


custom map picture frames

 Frames wrapped in a map of your choice