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Custom framing needlework- samplers

Needlework became a particularly popular method of artistic expression during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.  By the 1700s it was common practice for young girls in places like England or the United States to create needlework samplers, which were small, basic stitchings that were used as demonstrations of individual skill.  These samplers could exhibit figures, designs, short sayings, poems, phrases, or most commonly, the alphabet.  This practice remained popular for years to come, making samplers or other forms of embroidery very cherished personal or sentimental artifacts.  Framing samplers not only protects and preserves stitchings over time, but it showcases the pieces as a works of art.

Oliver Brothers specialize in conservation and custom framing needlework, samplers.


custom framing Sampler, Needlework

An antique sampler example

restored and framed

needlewor, sampler before and after and with new custom frame

An antique sampler before and after restoration

cleaning, mounting and framing

old and new custom frame