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A traditional landscape painting exhibits a scene from nature and includes elements such as the sky, the ocean, rivers, trees, plants, flowers, mountains, valleys, forests and beaches.  They also can include other subjects such as buildings, animals, and people, which help to set the scene for the painting’s story.

The means by which a proper frame is chosen for a landscape painting is dependent on several factors, most importantly being the time period and geographical location of the painting.  Other factors include the artistic style of the artist, the relation to a specific artistic movement (i.e. Mannerist, Baroque, Arts and Crafts, etc.) as well as the mood, colors, and contours of the landscape. For example, a painting of the bright and vibrant French countryside would most certainly be framed with an ornate, golden gilded Louis XIV style frame.  Likewise, a Realist seascape painting of a vicious storm at sea would be most suited for an unornamented, dark, and solemn frame that induces a feeling of despair.

Here are some examples of landscape paintings from around the World

custom framed by Oliver Brothers:


Landscape watercolor custom framed

Australian landscape


Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary- Boston collection, custom framed landscape

American landscape


German Alps, oil on canvas framed with white gold frame, landscape

German landscape


Gilded Picture Frame, yellow gold, modern, Russian Landscape

Russian landscape


Warsaw Park  by Marek Drozd, oil on canvas, after, landscape painting framed

Polish landscape


Edouard Woutermaertens Dutch painting, oil on canvas framed

Dutch landscape