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Framing Drawings

Being the oldest of the fine arts, drawing is also the most basic form of human artistic expression.  Drawing media can range from anything between charcoals to colored pencil and from chalk to colored ink.  Colors, styles and textures vary quite broadly in the realm of drawing, which in turn offers a vast array of framing opportunities.  While adhering to the time period and artistic framing styles of the time, frames typically mirror the context and message of the drawing itself.  For example, a drawing created by Rembrandt would very likely have neutral, cream colored mat boards surrounded by a simple, lightly ornamented frame made of ebony or another dark wood.  A drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, for instance, would have a Renaissance Gilded Reproduction frame with a French mat.  In these examples, the frame fits the time period and style of the drawing.

 Leonardo Da Vinci, original drawing framed with Renaissance gilded period reproduction frame, French mat, Museum Glass

Leonardo Da Vinci, original drawing

Renaissance gilded period reproduction frame, French mat, Museum Glass


Albrecht Dürer original drawing framed

Albrecht Dürer, original drawing

recreated French lines, new mat boards and original frame