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Watercolor Frames

Watercolor paintings have existed for centuries, and their delicacy requires utmost care when being handled for display.  Having been used most commonly for simple sketches or practice drawings, watercolor paintings did not gain significant popularity until after the Renaissance.  Flourishing in the 19th and 20th centuries, the style became particularly popular in America.  Watercolor artists like Winslow Homer perfected the art, and in 1866 The American Society of Painters in Watercolor was formed.

Created from a mixture of paint pigments, gum Arabic, additives and a solvent (water usually), watercolor paintings have a graceful nature that can be attributed to soft texture, fluidity, and transparency.  To maintain the delicate beauty of watercolors, an equally delicate framing method is necessary.  Similar to portrait, landscape, and seascape paintings, a watercolor frame is typically matched up with an appropriate frame of the time period.  From there, an aesthetically pleasing match is selected, which is certain to compliment the colors, textures, themes and mood of the watercolor.

Winslow Homer, watercolor custom  framed by Oliver Brothers Custom Framing
Winslow Homer (1836 –1910) , Adirondack Scene: Man in Boat
Watercolor on paper. This incredible watercolor was restored, framed, delivered and installed by us. It is protected with Tru Vue’s Optium Museum Acrylic.
Private collection, Boston, Massachusetts


Picture Frame for watercolor

Watercolor framed with withe gold frame