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glass + acrylic

Picture framing glass and acrylic- protecting light sensitive materials

All our glazing products meet or exceed archival conservation standards.

Our Museum Glass is the highest quality anti-reflective picture framing glass available in the industry. It protects against 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays and has the highest light transmission along with the lowest reflection rating of any other glass product.

Picture Framing Glass


Serbian Orthodox Icons protected with Museum Glass


Optium® Museum Acrylic Glazing is anti-reflective, anti-static and an abrasion resistant.  Durable and strong, light weight, shatter resistant and it filters up to 99% damaging UV rays. Optium® Museum Acrylic is designed to meet the demanding optical requirements of the custom framing and museum industries.


Picture framing acrylic with 99% UV protection

 Delicate Chinese painting on canvas protected with Optium Museum Acrylic



CIE ( The International Commission on Illumination )

Light-Sensitive Object Categories

CIE Light-Sensitive Object Categories

Reference: “Control of Damage to Museum Objects by Optical Radiation”,International Commission on Illumination [CIE 157:2004], ISBN-978-3-901906-27-5

The International Commission on Illumination