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Our authentic barnwood comes from Texas. It has been aged in nature anywhere from ten to twenty years.

Aged barnwood frame with rope for an antique photo of the Connecticut salt marshes

Connecticut salt marshes, an antique photo, framed with aged barn wood frame with rope


Barnwood Picture Frames

Barn Wood Frame Finish


She is floating on barn wood from Texas!



   Contemporary Custom Framing-Mona Lisa

This frame brings together two distinct materials – barn wood and metal – in one contemporary design.  In crafting this frame, we drew inspiration from a clock design by Constantin Boym, where the classic image of the Mona Lisa keeps time with the modern twist of a revolving eye.

Just as the clock juxtaposes the realms of classicism and modernism, my frame juxtaposes materials from two different spheres. We often use barn wood, the predominant material of the piece, in floater frames in order to provide works like Boym’s clock with a solid background that will highlight the artwork.  In this frame, we combine authentic barn wood that has aged in the back woods of Texas for ten years with polished Renaissance metal.

The warmth of the tree wood contrasts with the sharp tinge of the metal, and the combination results in an elegant but comfortable contemporary frame design. Earthiness merges with sophistication, making this frame a natural complement to many objects and paintings that blend the new with the old.