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An art of textile framing

Textiles are a form of art that have been created and used by humans for thousands of years.  Whether fabrics are stitched to create garments, cloths, wall decorations, tapestries, or carpets, textiles have maintained a crucial importance to family history and cultural identity to people over all periods of time.  With this being the case, framing of textiles continues to be a reoccurring process.

Similar to the procedures for other artistic media, the process by which frames are chosen for textiles is relatively the same.  The frame style must match the style of the artist, the style of the time period, mood, colors, textures and subjects.

an antique sampler custom framed

An antique sampler, restored and framed

“Just a quick note of thanks.  The sampler is beautiful!  

Color more bright and the framing is just wonderful. Thank you!”

Chestnut Hill, MA


Custom framing block prints

Block print by Nasra Şimmes Hindi

“BIG shout out to Oliver Brothers Custom Framing and Mira Bishop
for framing our original Turkish Nasra Simmeshindi
block painting, directly from Mardin.
Couldn’t ask for better quality,
or a nicer business to support!”  
T.K., Washington D.C.

Custom Framing Jersey- an example

Boston Bruins Jersey  framed with white elegant frame