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Metal is a relatively new alternative in picture framing. The first metal frames appeared in New York City in the 1950’s at the Modern Museum of Art, and were crafted by wrapping a metal outer layer over a wood core. Since the 1950’s metal frame design has not changed much, however remains as effective as ever. Today’s metal frames continue to add richness and dimension to the artwork they surround.


contemporary welded steel custom picture frames

Welded steel custom frames

For some artworks, metal can be used to brilliantly complement and enrich without overpowering the image. At Oliver Brothers, our metal moldings are made primarily of welded steel, real copper, bronze, nickel, zinc and iron. Custom frames are available in a variety of colors as well as styles. Re-claimed metal frames are also an interesting option, as well as environmentally sound.


Metal custom frames in many colors

Metal custom frames come in many colors


re-claimed metal custom frames

Re-claimed siding- metal custom frames


Dorien Plaat, "Little Red Riding Hood" custom framed

“Little Red Riding Hood” by Dorien Plaat (Dutch), welded steel frame and

hand wrapped faux leather mat


Mertal Picture Frame

Metal frame, reclaimed metal siding