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Just like landscapes, the following factors influence how a specific frame is chosen for a seascape: the time period, the artist’s style, the mood, colors, contours and subjects.  For example, an American seascape painting dating back to the nineteenth century would be best suited in a Stanford White frame.  White, an American architect and proponent of the Beaux-arts movement, is very well known for his picture framing style.  His framing style echoes the extravagance and prosperity of the Gilded Age and is reminiscent of symbols of classicism, European art, and American glory all intertwined together.  His frames compliment seascapes quite nicely – gold, silver, and other finishes of White frames help to bring forth warmer hues of the ocean scenes while intricate patterns and textures apply a touch of elegance.

Similarly, an American seascape from more recent times might be framed adhering to a modernist style.  The frame would be simpler, with straight edges and a subtle neutral toned color or metal.  An impressionist or abstract painting, for example, would best be suited for a frame of this simpler, modern design.

Here are some examples of  seascape paintings framed by Oliver Brothers:

 Stanford White Frame, American seascape painting in period reproduction frame

American seascape painting in Stanford White frame


Edgar Alwin Payne American Seascape Custom Framed in White Gold

American seascape painting in white gold frame


 Dutch Antique Reproduction Frame, Dutch seascape painting custom framed

Dutch seascape painting in traditional Dutch antique reproduction frame


 French Picture Frame, white gold, antique reproduction, French seascape painting

French seascape painting in antiqued French reproduction period frame